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     JSC "Testlita".

Joint Stock Company "Testlita" is an accredited laboratory that performs laboratory testing of various materials and products. The tests are carried out in two departments of the company - the Vilnius Laboratory and the Šiauliai Laboratory. Both company laboratories are accredited according to the requirements of LST EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard. The company is constantly expanding its field of accreditation of tests and adopting new tests. The laboratory provides its services to various companies and individual clients. Laboratories carry out mechanical, physical, chemical and other tests on various materials and products.

     Expertise and Advice Division.


The Testing and Consulting Division of the company UAB "Testlita" has been established in the Vilnius Laboratory. Specialists of this company department consult on materials and products quality issues. The company also performs expert examinations and provides expert opinions on the quality of materials used or the quality of work performed in case of legal disputes or emerging insured events. The company's specialists advise on how to choose the right materials to ensure the required quality of products or work performed. We can advise on the choice of production test methods, their application and other relevant issues of quality improvement and assurance.


     Company employees.


The company has specialists who have many years of work experience in accredited laboratories. These are engineers, chemists and other technical staff. High employee qualification ensures high quality testing in strict compliance with standards and other requirements of normative acts. The company's employees improve their skills, regularly participate in trainings and seminars, successfully participate in international comparative testing programs.



     Company's quality policy.


The company has implemented and operates a quality system that is documented and covers all areas of activity of both laboratories. Quality system ensures high quality and correct laboratory work. The quality policy policy is focused on the quality, timely and accurate execution of the tests, the correct formulation and presentation of the test results obtained. The quality system helps the company to continuously improve its performance and manage its risks. 




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